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Cow Ghee made from 100% pure cow milk. Ghee also has many
Health benefits.



  1. Excellent for cooking.
  2. It is an excellent home remedy to improve digestion and curing constipation. It helps to secrete enzymes that digest the food. Stimulates digestive system.
  3. It is known as a brain tonic. Excellent for improving memory power and intelligence. Best for strengthening mental health.
  4. Normalizes vata and pitta. Nourishes body.
  5. It is best for cancer patients. Having power to stop growing cancer cells.
  6. It helps to feel more hungry.
  7. Strengthens immune system and vitality.
  8. Good for eyes and vision.
  9. Good for building stamina.
  10. Excellent for glowing skin.
  11. It is used to heal wounds, chapped lips and mouth ulcers.
  12. Bleeding nose, brain stroke, sinus headaches and migraine problem get cured completely. Add 2 drops of little bit warm cow ghee in the nostrils for a few days and see the miracle.
  13. Increases metabolism and reduces bad cholesterol.
  14. Helps in curing hair fall.
  15. Good for healthy heart.
  16. It is recommended for those suffering from piles, fissure and fistula problems. Apply ghee directly externally for relieving pain and burning sensation. Taking ghee internally helps for softening stool and cure constipation.

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